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Mace® Pepper Gel Distance Defense Spray Magnum-9 Model

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Mace® Pepper Gel Distance Defense Spray Magnum-9 Model combines the Maximum Strength Formula of OC Pepper and invisible UV marking dye with the added sticking power of Mace Gel Stream Technology.

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Mace® Pepper Gel Distance Defense Spray Magnum-9 Model

If you are thinking about purchasing a non-lethal self-defense weapon for your personal use, you need to give strong consideration to pepper gel. The Mace® Pepper Gel Distance Defense Spray Magnum-9 Model was introduced to meet the growing need for superior protection.

In a world where we face increasing threats of violence, the ability to defend ourselves against even attackers at a distance is crucial.

The Magnum-9 has the ability to accurately hit a target at a distance of 25 feet, much further than the typical 10 feet of most defensive sprays.

This gives you the advantage of being able to defend yourself from a safe distance away from the hoodlum. In violent situations, distance equals time – time that you can use to end the attack on your own terms.

The maximum delivery range is not the only measurement to weigh the defense capabilities of defensive sprays. Another strong consideration is the stability of the agent itself.

Defense repellent is subject to the wind, and blowback is a very real possibility. This is likely to be a deciding factor on whether or not you want to purchase a liquid or foam defense repellent, or a pepper gel spray.

Repellent spray released as either a liquid or foam is completely at the mercy of the wind currents, which could change direction in a moment. Pepper gel is heavier than the other delivery agents and is released with significant pressure as a thin stream with minimal arching.

This makes it more stable and predictable, providing you with better control of the delivery. Control is essential if you want to safely use repellent spray of any form for self-defense. It is a highly potent chemical weapon and should be respected as such.

The Mace Magnum-9 Distance Defense Pepper Gel

You want to avoid hitting an innocent bystander or having wind currents blow it back into your own face. The Mace® Pepper Gel Distance Defense Spray Magnum-9 Model is doubly effective because of the precision of its delivery.

It sticks like glue to any part of the hoodlum's skin that it contacts, which allows it to work more efficiently to immobilize them.

When you deploy pepper gel into the face of a hoodlum, they'll be immobilized in an instant. They'll experience intense burning on the skin where the gel has lodged itself, and their eyes will be involuntarily clamped shut.

They'll begin coughing uncontrollably and will experience difficulty breathing. Tears and mucus will flow from their eyes and nostrils uncontrollably. All of this pain and discomfort will confuse the hoodlum, and its effects will remain for up to an hour, giving you the opportunity to escape from danger.

Because the pepper repellent used is in gel form, the hoodlum will be unable to wipe any of it off, ensuring that its effects will last longer than with other forms of delivery.

The Mace® Pepper Gel Distance Defense Spray Magnum-9 Model is potentially one of the most powerful tactical self-defense pepper gels on the market.

You'll be able to go about your day with the confidence of knowing that you have the ability to defend yourself under any circumstances against the most aggressive of hoodlums.

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