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LED Light for Steel Baton

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Screw-on LED Light attachment for Telescopic Steel Baton.

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LED Light For Steel Baton Like From SafeFamilyLife

No mistakes should be made that self-defense batons with a flashlight in the hands of the correctly trained individual is a valuable method to dispatch criminals. This screw-on LED Light for Steel Baton can be secured to the bottom of all the Steel Batons by SafeFamilyLife.

These baton devices offer superior grasp and, at the same time, the potential to impact significant damages along with a tactical light, which can be applied as a type of distractive tool against any brute.

If you have ever wondered about safeguarding batons such as these, they have been created as non-lethal yet operative weapons. You can compare them to either a similar or even better type of stopping potential to that of a gun or a knife, but without leading to fatality.

These prolonged batons are associated with intensity plus pain compliance while eluding physical damages that are eternal or the loss of a person's life. This is similarly a reason as to why they are likewise utilized to serve the purpose of law-enforcement batons.

Police batons are often employed to evade escalating violence once an officer of the law has decided that it is not necessary to use their gun. Over and above inflicting significant pain compliance techniques, these are useful to riposte or parry an incoming assault.

These are not only fantastic offensive weapons but are further greatly helpful for the purpose of defense. If you receive the correct training, then you can learn moreover how to disarm a criminal with the usage of a retractable baton.

If you have been thinking about investing in one of the SafeFamilyLife expanded batons, then you may be interested in the LED Light for Steel Baton.

This light has been created to affix onto any one of those impact weapons, each of which comes with a high-density, durable aluminum body that absorbs damage plus an impact-resistant lens to protect the super-vivid LED.

When new batteries are applied, this LED flashlight attachment designed for the SafeFamilyLife Rubber Handle Steel Baton supplies an impressive 6,000 hours in illumination. It works with any of the telescopic batons, which include the 16 inch, 21 inch, plus 26 inch from the brand’s range.

This LED attachment makes the batons even more useful even out of self-defense scenarios. When you have a flashlight attached to your baton, then it gives you a reason to carry this weapon with you anytime of the day or night.

In low-lit spaces, a flash of this light pointed directly into the eyes of a brute will disorientate plus blind the person. Even if this effect lasts for merely a few seconds, you are granted adequate time to incapacitate the brute or to escape.

You can elect, too, to hold the closed baton and utilize it like a flashlight when you walk down perilous or gloomy streets, pretending that you are unarmed. If somebody does approach with the intent of an attack, you can first surprise them by shining the flashlight into their eyes and then opening your SafeFamilyLife extendable baton to progress with your own self-defense moves.

The 2 CR-123A batteries required for the LED Light for Steel Baton to operate are included with your purchase.

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