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IR Dummy Camera Black

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This is a bullet style IR Dummy Camera IR Dummy Camera black color.

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The Bullet Style IR Dummy Camera in Black

Protecting your home, loved ones, and valuable possessions is one very important activity for a homeowner. With a recent increase in U.S. and worldwide crime rates, security has become one of the most important issues on the minds of many homeowners. This is why a home security camera, even if it’s a fake one, like the IR Dummy Camera, comes in handy.

A home surveillance camera has many advantages when it comes to protecting your loved ones and property. It has been shown to deter burglars and can record the event in case you have a break-in. A video recording can help law enforcement officials find and arrest the culprits who are responsible for the crime. That’s why many homeowners are purchasing surveillance cameras.

One of the main disadvantages of these home security system cameras is the staggering cost. The average homeowner is not always in a position to pay for the purchase of such equipment. So, homeowners look for a cheaper alternative to safeguard their loved ones and property. The IR Dummy Camera is a great alternative. It is highly rated as one of the top fake home cameras on the market.

Fake surveillance cameras closely mimic real home security cameras. The cameras come with all of the outward features of a real security camera. The main difference is that the fake camera cannot record anything because it does not function as a camera or recorder. It is installed only as a way to deter burglars from entering the home because they believe the camera is real. This is why dummy surveillance cameras are so popular with many homeowners on a tight budget.

If you are not able to purchase a real home surveillance camera to protect your property, loved ones, and possessions, the dummy camera is the next best thing. You can use it to ensure the safety and security of your home. If you have an actual security camera in your home, it may not be enough. A fake camera can improve the effectiveness of your home security system. This can help to increase your peace of mind since you will know that your property and loved ones are safe.

You should decide if the fake security camera is suitable for your home. If you live in a high crime rate area, the fake camera may not offer the best protection for your home. The camera will not record anything in case a burglary takes place. In this case, you need a real security camera. However, if your home is in a low crime rate area, and you don’t have enough money to buy a real home security camera, you should consider purchasing a fake surveillance camera for your property.

The Fake IR Camera with Red Flashing LED Light

Many homeowners operate on a tight budget. They purchase a fake home security camera as a way to protect their home and save money. Many people choose the IR Dummy Camera because it is a highly rated home security camera. The camera comes in a variety of colors, including black. The LED light constantly flashes, which gives this fake camera a realistic appearance. The camera can be mounted in many locations in your home, indoors and outdoors. A thief will be hesitant to break into your home if they believe you have a home security camera installed. That’s why you should not delay installing a fake IR camera in your home, even if you’re on a tight budget.

The fake camera is easy to install. It comes with adjustable brackets. It can set up within minutes. The IR Dummy Camera measures 6-11/16” x 8-1/4” x 3-1/8”. This surveillance camera requires 2 AA batteries, which are not included in the camera package. These batteries are easily replaceable. All you have to do is remove the fake camera’s sun shade. This camera is very popular with many homeowners because it is one of the best fake security cameras on the market.

If you want to keep your property, home, possessions, and loved ones safe you can use a fake home security camera as your primary security camera or to supplement your current real security camera system. A dummy camera is a great option when it comes to providing protection for your family at a low cost.

 The batteries are easy to change by just sliding the sun shade off and inserting 2 AA batteries (Not Included).

Dimensions: 6 ¹¹/₁₆” x 8 ¼” x 3 ⅛”

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