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Motion Activated Alarms

Motion Activated Alarms at Home, Outdoors & Indoors

There are a horde of locations at home, either outside or in, which can be watched over by Motion Activated Alarms. A few examples are a boundary fence, driveway, courtyard, outhouse, main door, hallway, gazebo, plus rear doors.

These speedy warnings are not merely to shelter your free-standing domicile, apartment, row house, or other residential building vs. gate crashers, prowlers, plus raiders. As well, they could be beneficial for children, the aged, plus pets.

For instance, toddlers, some seniors, and certain animals are frequently not quite mindful of the environs or the populace where they are. Those individuals would require their actions to be checked every so often.

Similarly, you might have an abode that has a garage or a pool where the children can’t go by themselves. These panic signals would advise you or any other adult supervisor if they ever do go in those out-of-bounds sections.

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A Diversity of Motion Detecting Sirens against Hazards

We at Self Defense Products Florida furnish the Outdoor Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor. The 150 degree angle of its movement beam can be regulated and can identify from 10 meters off. The extent of its wireless RF is 300 feet and will generate the beam.

There, furthermore, is the Safe Family Life Barking Dog Alarm. Using a digital radar-wave sense control, this multi-operative system starts spontaneously to bark like an aloof dog. Between 10 and 20 feet, its radar-wave sensitivity is variable, plus it has a chime.

Likewise, we provide for you all the Wireless Home Security System, a 105dB siren that will also call until 5 predetermined phone number. This permits the number’s owner to learn that motion has been discovered in the building or that a window or door is vulnerable.

Here, too, is the Voice Alert With 1 Transmitter, with annunciation technology that highlights wireless PIR (passive infrared) sensors transmitters plus a remote receiver/speaker main piece. Your private alert messages can be recorded by this System-6. Those will be used to report to you any perceived action in any examined zone in your dwelling.

We offer, moreover, the TeleSpy Motion Intruder Alarm. It mingles a telephone, motion sensor, plus microphone and will dial up a phone number you would like. It will additionally begin its movement sensor. You can listen in on the call through its augmented microphone.

There is, correspondingly, the Wireless Home Security Vibration Sensor. It uncovers vibration plus if your window/door is exposed. With this twofold sensor, the span of the wireless RF is 300 feet. What motivates the sensor is the RF signal.

As well, we supply the Voice Alert Transmitter alone without the System-6. Its wireless PIR shows all-weather security plus modifiable sensitivity and mounting. A signal 300 feet around walls and 1,000 feet in any uncluttered plot is what it can fling.

Similarly, there is on the site the Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor that can elicit its wireless RF signal, with a scope of 300 feet, to set its buzzer moving. It holds a 110 degree angle and can reveal movement 8 meters off.

We furnish, furthermore, the Motion Alert Alarm. This 105dB passive infrared routine can scale with no problems, either vertically or horizontally, adjacent to a doorway. It can expose motion, is battery-driven, and can possess a personal security code.

Here, likewise, is the Voice Alert Transmitter (Waterproof Enclosure). It can bond with window, gate, door contacts, smoke alerts, door bells, CO plus motion sensors, pressure pads, water intensity gauges, in addition to more sensing tools.

We provide, too, the Mini Alert Alarm, which generates a passive infrared triangle that fabricates an unobserved impediment. It is ridiculous to try to seep into this impediment but not activate the 120dB bell, which can also be a 95dB chime.

Moreover, there is the Wireless Safety Alert & Driveway Patrol Alarm, which holds rare passive infrared. Its motion sensor will oversee the fortified expanse once the danger signal is put on. Nonetheless, it has a chime as well.

Correspondingly, we offer the Voice Alert Transmitter (Waterproof Enclosure Vibration Switch), which can link up with similar sensing tools as the Waterproof Enclosure. This one, though, holds a vibration sensor as well, which will be actuated once the transmitter is smacked or transferred.

About assorted kinds of motion-sensing alerts, you can learn from our Website.