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Large Alarmed Padlock

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The Large Alarmed Padlock works as a Motion Sensor when it's locked the 100db alarm will sound when the lock is tampered.

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Large Alarmed Padlock, 100 dB with Motion Sensor

This is an ideal product if you're in search of a padlock that also includes an alarm and a motion sensor. This model is powered by 3 AG13 batteries, which already come installed in the lock when you purchase it. Even better, you'll also get spare batteries - two sets of them! - along with your purchase. In any application where you want maximum security, such as securing gates, fences, bikes, and other general locking jobs, using this Large Alarmed Padlock with a motion sensor is an ideal solution. Not sure if it is right for you? Read on for a thorough evaluation.

The core operating principle of this large padlock is that its loud, unmistakable 100 dB alarm will alert you to any unauthorized tampering. Even in situations where you're out of earshot, the noisy and attention-attracting alarm sound may be enough to deter intruders all by itself. The alarm can also be disabled when you'd prefer not to use it.

This padlock is constructed from robust heavy-gauge zinc alloy for maximum durability. It's covered with a comprehensive warranty that gives you full protection for five years. It comes with two spare keys, ensuring that you won't render the lock useless if you happen to lose one. The lock also includes a complete instruction manual detailing the operation of the alarm functions and all other basic operations.

Most of the customers who use this alarmed padlock have found it eminently satisfactory; it's no accident that user reviews have tended to be highly positive all across the board. Testimonials, endorsements, and positive reviews can be found scattered all over the Internet.

If a reliable padlock with integrated motion sensor and alarm functions is suitable for your security needs, purchasing this Large Alarmed Padlock is highly recommended. It's a decision you're not likely to regret, and you should get many years of reliable service out of the product.

 Dimensions: 5 1/4" x 2 3/16" x 1"
100dB Siren Alarm
Zinc alloy
3pcs AG13 button batteries included.
Comes with 2 keys

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