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Home Security

Home Security Products vs. Burglaries, Assaults & Trespassing

Every individual and family in the U.S.A. could succumb to burglaries, assaults, plus trespassing in their own abode. Nevertheless, there is a mass of gadgets and, in addition, products to be had for Home Security inside and out.

As a matter of fact, it is to the benefit of the customers that they could avail themselves of numerous selections. The only thing is that it is tough to know what of be pertinent for each person or household and what would aid them the most.

A Mixture of Home Protection Devices & Tools

We provide, for one, the Safe Family Life Super Door Stop Alarm. This 120dB distress signal will make noise and jam the doorway so that it can’t be opened from the outside.

There are, likewise, the Small Alarmed Padlock and Large Alarmed Padlock. Both operate with a motion sensor once secured and will blare a 100dB alert if the lock is tampered with.

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For another, we furnish the Wireless Safety Alert & Driveway Patrol Alarm. This motion indicator with distinctive passive infra-red will oversee your preferred stretch to be sheltered. Any spotted movement will switch the siren on. It is transportable and, also, nurses a chime form.

Here, too, at Self Defense Products Florida is the Magnetic Door Alarm. This delightful pocket-sized 110dB bell in black or white utilizes magnetic affinity to kick off. Its base can be barred to the door or window mount while its initiator can be fixed if that door/window is opened.

Sixthly, we offer one more Magnetic Door Alarm, this time, by SafeFamilyLife. This trim appealing buzzer does the same things. All three are helpful specifically for those sliding glass doors.

As well, there is the Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor that can uncover movement from until 8 meters out. It holds an angle for 110dB plus a 300 feet wireless RF scope.

We supply, correspondingly, the Mini Alert Alarm. It churns out a passive infra-red triangle that yields a concealed hurdle. Breaching this 120dB buzzer is unworkable without launching it.

Further here is the Pool Protector by Safe Family Life. This electronic screening technique will clang its siren mechanically once a kid, adult, or pet drops into the pool while not overseen.

Moreover, we provide the TeleSpy Motion Intruder Alarm, which is a regular telephone that augments into an observing system with motion sensor plus microphone. It will connect to any phone number that you input and trigger the sensor. You can then reply via the amplified mic.

There is, next, the Glass Breakage Alarm. This 100dB vibration alert will ring for some 30 seconds once glass is struck, bashed, or broken, and then close off and restart.

We furnish, likewise, the Safe Family Life Barking Dog Alarm. It has vision through brick, cement, woods, glass, plus others by using electronic radar-wave sense control equipment. It will bark as if a furious canine if anybody moves into the watched region. However, it also has a chime.

There, too, is the Outdoor Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor with a wireless RF span of 300 feet. If the RF signal is prompted, the bell will be actuated. Identifying motion from until 10 meters out, it has an amendable angle for 150 degrees.

Similarly, we offer the 120dB high-output Wireless Outdoor Siren with three alarm operations: siren & signal light, siren merely, and signal light only. Its delay timer is 0-10.

The Wireless Home Security System will announce a 105dB vibration plus dial your 5 fixed phone numbers once movement has been discovered or a door or window in your house has been opened. The extent is 8 yards. What it merely necessitates is a landline with tone dialing.

Furthermore, we supply the Key Finder by SafeFamilyLife. It will beep for 90dB for 4 seconds and notice your object’s signal from 50 feet out. It utilizes a frequency of 433MHz.

There, correspondingly, is the Motion Alert Alarm. With passive infra-red plus 105dB, it can displays close to your entry path with no problems whether vertically or horizontally.

As well, we provide the Wireless Home Security Vibration Sensor, a dual sensor that reveals vibration and whenever a door or window has been opened. Once its wireless RF, with a distance of 300 feet, has been elicited, this begins the alerting.