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High End 1080p HD Hidden Camera Sunglasses

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High End 1080p HD Hidden Camera Sunglasses Perfect for outdoor activities. These HD sunglasses have a unique design.

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The High End 1080p HD Hidden Camera Sunglasses

There are a lot of different folks who can find a good use for a set of sunglasses with a hidden camera in them. Tech junkies who want the latest and greatest gadgets, athletes who want to record their exploits from a thrilling first-person point of view, and generally anyone who's interested in capturing video while on the move will appreciate these High End 1080p HD Hidden Camera Sunglasses.

Naturally, the main purpose of these glasses is to record outdoor activities, but that's far from their only talent. They're suitable for use in practically any purpose, and their ability to capture stunning high-definition video will be much appreciated by their owners. If you buy a set yourself, you get a complete package that's ready for immediate use. They even come with both clear and tinted lenses, broadening your range of filming options.

Eye Protection Combined with HD Video

Of course, the spy camera that records 30 frames of gorgeous HD video every second is the primary draw here. These sunglasses are great at their more prosaic job as well. Their tinted lenses block every part of the UV spectrum and blue light up to 400 nm. Their polarized lenses are 1.8 mm quality and they meet or exceed every standard certification for protecting your eyes.

A Tough, Durable Surveillance Camera

The lenses fitted to these sunglasses are shatterproof and impact-resistant. Their frames are made of tough stuff as well, ensuring that you'll get plenty of reliable use out of both the glasses and the camera. The frames are almost completely moisture-resistant, holding up well to both adverse weather conditions and perspiration.

Stylish Design and Light Weight

You might worry that this tough pair of spy glasses would feel heavy when you put them on. That isn't the case! These are light, slim, and stylish, and they're equipped with soft arms and cushioned nose pads for maximum comfort. Bear in mind that you can easily switch out the tinted lenses for clear ones if you'd like to film in low-light conditions without losing visibility.

Unlike many other hidden camera glasses, these are stylish enough to pass without comment, and their high-arching frames make them attractive for users with virtually any face shape.

Easy Camera Operation

Another common drawback to hidden camera glasses is needless complexity. You won't find any of that here. The camera in these glasses has a single control button that's discreetly and intelligently placed; you can tap it to start or stop recording while you appear to adjust the glasses. There are no complicated multi-press actions required.

Extended Discreet Recording Capabilities

The security camera fitted to these sunglasses will capture plenty of HD video in between charges. Average active battery life is roughly three and a half hours while filming. Battery life in standby mode is even longer. This is backed up by an ample 16 GB storage card that can hold more than two hours of continuous footage. These glasses will essentially always be ready to go for you when you want to film something.

An All in One Package

Besides the basic equipment, which is required to get you up and running - including an SD card, a USB cable for charging and data retrieval, and a manual - these sunglasses also include a neck strap, a carrying case, a bag, and a cloth you can use to keep the lenses clear.

These hidden camera sunglasses are great for use in commercial settings as well as by private individuals. They make it easy to document your organization's proceedings, and making a first-hand recording of business operations can even help document the sort of eventful circumstances that lead to litigation. The opportunity to capture HD video in a reliable, hands-free way is definitely useful for a lot of different commercial purposes.

If you're looking for the very latest word in discreet, cutting-edge personal video surveillance, look no further. You'll be equipped to capture HD video anywhere and at any time with these High End 1080p HD Hidden Camera Sunglasses. Thanks to their versatility, reliability, and ample support equipment, these glasses will be ready to start helping you as soon as you unpack the box. Take a big leap forward in wearable camera technology and get a pair of camera sunglasses you can rely on! 

The camera comes with the following; Sunglass color camera, Carrying Case, Cleaning Cloth, Carry Bag, Neck Strap, USB cable, SD card reader, and User Manual,

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