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Heart Attack Key Chain

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The Heart Attack is small (3.5 x 2) and made of tough plastic. Hold it between your fingers and punch! Attackers beware!

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Heart Attack Key Chain for Street Self Defense

If you have ever experienced being attacked while you were walking down the street, then you will definitely want to carry a protective weapon with you. For self-defense out on the street, you are going to need to have a weapon that can be concealed but is also accessible instantly. You are going to need to have the Heart Attack Key Chain.

There are all different kinds of self-defense weapons that are available, including light ones, heavy ones, short ones, and long ones. So, which one should you select? Pointed kubotans are some of the different kinds of protective handheld weapons available for the public to buy.

These pointed kubotans have rod-shape-like pencils or pens but usually are made out of a very tough aluminum alloy.

They are quite effective when they are used along with different types of martial arts or hand-to-hand combat. They are frequently sold as self-defense keychain kubotan weapons.

A set of keys is one of the oldest types of self-defense weapons. It is very effective against attacking a criminal. All you need to do is hold a key in between your fingers and then punch your attacker.

Most likely, the criminal will scream in pain and then drop down. Or you can throw your keys at their face. You can go online and read self-defense keychain reviews for more information. However, key chain weapons are kind of crude.

The Heart Attack Key Chain that we offer is much more effective. That is because it is designed after the push dagger. It is also referred to as a punch dagger, fist knife, gimlet knife, or push knife.

It is a T-shaped weapon that has a handle that you grip in your fist and out of the front is a protruding blade. It is intended to make your punch more painful as well as deadlier.

Protect Yourself with the Heart Attack Key Chain

Our Heart Attack self-defense weapon is easy to conceal due to its small size, which is a good idea at all times. It is only 3.5 inches by 2 inches. However, the size may be misleading at times.

Just like the punch dagger, its descendant, it is intended to be gripped with a fist, and the heart-shaped blade protrudes between the fingers, so that the punch is made much worse than without having the Heart Attack self-defense key chain.

You may have heard self-defense experts recommend that a key or several keys be placed between your fingers before you punch an aggressor. It is very painful to your aggressor. However, our Heart Attack device has even more power to stop an assailant.

And since you carry it along with your keys on your keychain, it is right where you can access it at any time whenever you are threatened by a bad person out on the street.

This personal protection keychain can be acquired wholesale from us. To save money, that is a very smart thing to do.

Although you can use the Heart Attack weapon without training, you can also use it in combination with various hand-to-hand techniques. It falls under armed hand-to-hand combat (in contrast to unarmed).

Given that the Heart Attack Key Chain is intended to be used to punch, for this weapon, boxing techniques are definitely appropriate.

You can also use the Heart Attack with different martial arts techniques. Different resources such as videos and some other materials are available online so that you can study how to fight using this very concealable weapon.

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