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HD Eye Glasses Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR

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The HD eye glasses camera has a sophisticated modern look with an HD camera and DVR hidden discreetly inside.

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HD Eye Glasses Hidden Spy Camera With Built In DVR

One of the most useful and ingenious method to use a hidden and wireless camera comes as the HD Eye Glasses Hidden Spy Camera With Built In DVR. One of those eyeglasses is worn by Tom Cruise in the film Mission Impossible, which has become part of surveillance history. There is a spy camera embedded inside of the eyeglasses. Usually, it is located in the nose piece and certain images are captured in precisely the same way that is viewed by the wearer of the glasses.

Spy eye wear allow for certain tasks to be conducted on specific operations without anybody else being aware of them. Signals that are related to a DVR are sent onto a recorder or transmitter. They must be connected to equipment within the transmitter's range. The transmitters are fitted through the use of a receiver, which allows full footage to be captured by the wearer.

Spyglasses are tools that assist with investigative journalism, espionage, and crime investigations. In the past, there were high costs associated with spyglasses as well as a lack of useful applications. The equipment could only be used by professionals and not in homes. This has all changed, however, due to the recent HD glasses hidden camera with built-in DVR.

It provides a sophisticated and modern appeal with its superior HD camera and DVR that is hidden discreetly inside. The advanced glasses record a 1920 x 1080 crystal-clear resolution at 30 frames a second. There are 16 gigabytes of memory on this camera that is capable of storing two and half hours’ worth of state-of-the-art video footage.

The HD eyeglasses spy camera and DVR are great ways to gather evidence, to spy, or any other use requiring a hidden camera. The glasses are made with superior-quality metal frames in addition to a smooth kind of plastic that offers a very comfortable yet sturdy pair of lightweight glasses. What is really nice about this is that these advanced glasses can be used by the wearer even when they are in between assignments to offer a trendy and intelligent appearance.

When necessary, the glasses are ready at all times to capture and record whatever is seen by the wearer. It is then easy to download the footage, and it can be viewed on a device like a desktop computer or laptop. The spy glasses are very easy to use and are wireless. To use them, one button is utilized for various operations.

Eyeglasses Hidden Camera and DVR Features

- Impressive 16GB memory capacity - Footage is easy to use and compatible with both Windows and Mac OS - Video resolution is at 1920 x 1080 - The battery located on the camera will last for 2 hours maximum - An angle lens is included that is 170 degrees in width

Included with the Eyeglasses Kit:

- Eyeglasses camera - Instruction manual that is easy to use - A USB cable - A very stylish carrying bag

HD Eyeglasses Security Camera with Built-In DVR

The recording on this surveillance camera is crystal-clear. Up to 16GB of memory can be stored by the user in addition to 2.5 hours’ worth of footage. The eyeglasses are considered to be an essential tool to spy on suspicious people or suspicious activities or for gathering evidence. The way these glasses have been designed ensures that nobody will suspect that a hidden camera is inside of them.

The most recent hidden cameras that are currently being used even within residential settings are usually wireless. That makes them a lot less conspicuous and easier to set up or reposition. The eyeglasses help the user observe employees, vandals, or intruders without them know they are being watched. Its video can generate documentation of a superior quality that may be used for reviewing later or as evidence.

The wireless camera devices are able to record in a clear and direct way onto a device like a desktop or laptop computer. There are also various ways of accessing these video recordings. With good Internet access, you can easily review these recordings on a smart phone, iPhone, computer, or tablet. The HD Eye Glass Hidden Spy Camera With Built In DVR offers the ultimate way of silently observing without anybody being aware of this powerful form of surveillance.

 Features: 170 degree wide angle lens, 1920 x 1080 video resolution, battery life about 2 hours, works with Windows and Mac OS, 16GB memory, 30 FPS. 

Includes: eye glasses camera, carrying bag, USB cable, user manual.

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