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HD Car Key Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR

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The HD Car Key Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR allows you to always have a spy camera on hand.

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HD Car Key Hidden Spy Camera With Built In DVR

By using the HD Car Key Hidden Spy Camera With Built In DVR, you can record a vast number of events without attracting attention from the people around you.

The Hidden Spy High-Definition Camera Aspect

This small hidden car key camera is designed to resemble the key fob of most modern vehicles. Its convenient size and unremarkable appearance make it perfect for covert surveillance. This allows you to capture video in almost any situation. It is designed to incorporate a number of the control buttons present on a functioning vehicle key fob so it does not arouse suspicion.

The HD car key hidden spy camera, is on the higher end of the market. It includes a real key and conceals the camera’s telltale USB when it’s not being used. This makes the key fob attractive for those whose primary concern is concealing the camera. Only the most careful scrutiny will lead to the detection of the key fob’s true identity.

The Strengths of the HD Car Key Surveillance Camera

The main advantage of using this camera is its concealability and portability. It can record at full HD resolution (1920 x 1800). On a full charge, the camera can capture two hours of footage. The onboard battery quickly charges through the USB interface. A full charge can take as little as two hours. If you use a dedicated charger, such as the type that plugs into a standard AC or USB wall adapter, it will charge faster than if plugged into your computer.

One of the primary strengths of this HD car key camera is that it has a motion detector. This can extend the amount of useful footage you can have from a single charge. It also makes this unit much more useful for surveillance. Since it turns on only when motion is present, you will get only potentially useful footage. This also reduces the amount of time you have to spend searching the footage for useful surveillance material.

The DVR Functionality of the Car Key Security Camera

The DVR records directly to a memory card. You can replace the 16 GB micro-SD card that is included with the camera with a larger one. The 16 GB card is large enough to hold the footage taken from the camera on a single battery charge. You can determine after a few uses if the included memory card is adequate for your needs.

You can download the footage you capture to any computer (it works with Mac OS and Windows) by using a standard micro-USB cable, which is included with the camera. The necessary file formatting is done within the camera so there is no need to download software in order to access your video surveillance files.

Use the Car Key Hidden Camera for Impromptu Recording

The hidden camera with built-in DVR is useful in capturing video in a number of situations. You can use it to monitor suspicious behavior anywhere. It can also be used as an impromptu nanny cam. You can document questionable practices at your workplace, document your interactions with law enforcement officers, or collect evidence of unfair business practices.

Because the camera is effectively camouflaged, you can bring it with you anywhere. You can leave it behind, in plain sight, and use it to monitor what happens when you leave. This is why it is effective for surveillance. The motion detector is useful when you use the camera in this way since it will save both battery power and memory card space by recording only when there is some activity in the area.

Of course, you may be able to come up with other useful ways to use this small unobtrusive camera. You can use it at public functions or sporting events without attracting attention. You can use the camera as an add-on to your remote control drones, giving you the ability to add filming capabilities that many of the affordable drone models lack.

Whether you have a specific purpose for your new camera or just like the idea of having a pocket-sized HD Car Key Hidden Spy Camera With Built In DVR, you’ll find that this camera will deliver what you’re looking for. You’ll get the ability to record in virtually any location without catching the attention of the people around you.

 Features: 1920 x 1080 video resolution,  2560 x 1920 photo resolution, motion detection,  2 hour battery life, charging time 2 hours, works with Windows and Mac OS, 16GB memory, 30 FPS. 

Includes: car key camera, USB cable, user manual.

Dimensions: 2⅞”× 1¼” × ¾”

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