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Electrical Outlet HD Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR

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No one will ever be able to tell this electrical outlet conceals a HD hidden color camera and mini DVR to record what the camera sees.

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Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera With DVR

There are numerous reasons why it is useful to have an Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera With DVR system put into place. We will be discussing one that has excellent recording quality and a great camera. It has many uses just as long as you understand how it works.

If you would like to ensure that individuals in your house aren't breaking your rules, then a hidden camera can be quite useful to have. If you have children and would like to ensure they aren't doing things they shouldn't, such as smoking in certain areas, then you might have the ability to see what is going on if the camera is activated. It needs to be plugged in to work, which makes it easy to hide. All you need to do is act as if it will be used for charging something inside of the room or just place it without an explanation since power outlets are common.

The spy camera can, of course, also be used outside of your house if you have other property or a business that you would like to secure. For example, if you own a store room and are wondering if things are being stolen, then it can be great having it turned on once you leave your building. That will allow you to see what individuals are doing when you aren't there. Just ensure that it's legal having it in your location. That way, you won't end up stuck with a lawsuit if you do happen to catch someone.

An electrical outlet security camera and built-in DVR option is excellent since a majority of rooms in most building will have some sort of outlet. So, there will always be spots in any area where people are going to be that you would like to spy on. Even if there aren't any, you can always install new outlets with the security camera so that you can get the angle needed, and no one will think that it is a strange thing to do as long as it isn't in an odd area.

Electrical Outlet Spy Camera and Built-In DVR

The built-in DVR has a 16GB SD card inside of it that can be used for recording as much as 5 hours’ worth of footage with. A discreet wire can also be used for hooking into the system that can be whatever length you want it to be. If you want to ensure that you are getting the finest footage, it is a good idea to turn it on and have it activated a couple of times to see what you are getting. When recording, this surveillance camera has an excellent resolution of 1960 x 1080 pixels. However, you need to check on its location so that you can see what it is able to record in the area.

The outlet that the nanny cam is attached to doesn't work when things are plugged into it. You definitely don't want somebody trying to use it and discovering what it actually is. Fortunately, the camera is well-hidden so the worst thing that can happen is somebody might unplug it and try using something else or only the outlet. Outlets do malfunction sometimes, so if you happen to notice that this one has been moved, then all you need to do is ask if somebody threw it away and pretend it needs to be fixed.

An RCA cable is used. It sticks out from the covert camera that is plugged into some kind of monitor. That will allow you to check the 16GB of video out. Remember that a completely charged battery lasts only a few hours since it's a small device and a large amount of power is needed for it to work well. Your camera, at 30 frames per second, should have the ability to capture whatever is going on. Also, given that it is motion-activated, you won't waste your time recording nothing.

The Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera With DVR will only work well if you're able to get it to do something that you need it to do. When plugged in, it turns on, so you can easily activate it whenever you know somebody is around. If the above uses and features meet your needs, then it is a very affordable option for you.

 This hidden camera features motion-activated recording that starts as soon as motion is detected.With motion-activation, you won't have to fast forward through hours of uneventful recording. You can view your recordings by using the included RCA cable to connect to your TV or computer. 64GB memory allows you to record up to 9 hours of continuous recording.

Does NOT function as an outlet. There are no open outlets to plug any appliances in. 

DVR Features Include: Motion activated, Time and date stamp, Remote Control operation, MPEG4 file format, Composite video out, 1960x1080p resolution.

DVR Specifications: System: NTSC/PAL, Storage Media: DVR, Frame Rate: 30 fps at 1960x1080P, Color Camera Specs, Image Sensor: 1/3" 2.0 megapixel cmos, Min. Illumination: 1.0 Lux, Lens: 3.7mm 65 degrees

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