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Dual Wall Charger

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The Dual Wall Charger for the 18650 Lithium Battery.

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Supreme Durable Dual Wall Charger with Lithium Battery

The Dual Wall Charger is one of those elite options that are going to do their job around the clock and remain consistent as necessary. The days of sticking to a charger that is inefficient will never come up again.

The beauty of this charger starts to appear with its attention to detail and how it settles into one's life without giving issues.

This is a high-performance, durable charger that is going to do its job efficiently and remain as stable as one wants it to be. Here is more on what this charger is all about.

Has a 18650 Lithium Battery

This Dual Wall Charger comes with a 18650 lithium battery that is robust, is easy to use, and does a great job with all batteries. Just plug the battery in and watch as the charger goes to work. It is going to power through and make sure the battery is up and kicking as it needs to be.

No one wishes to wait around for the battery to charge, and that is why this technology is used for the wall charger. It will be easy to plug in and is going to get down to work as soon as one wants.

Works with Multiple Products

What batteries does this item work with for those who are looking to make a purchase? There are two personal defense products sold here that are going to need this charger to keep their batteries working.

These products would include the Covert Stun Gun Flashlight and the Self-Defense Flashlight. Both products require this Dual Wall Charger to make sure that their batteries are working in top gear and will remain consistent.

Plug the batteries in and watch as the wall charger goes to work on those batteries. It is one of the easiest solutions for those who are ready to get started and want to buy these personal defense products as soon as they can.


Things that can get out of control often involve speed because no one wants to wait around for the batteries to charge up. All tests have been run on this wall charger to make sure that it maximizes the output that is being generated from the power source.

This keeps the batteries running in top gear and will charge them up as soon as one wants. The elimination of waiting time keeps those batteries running well and will keep them optimized for the products they're powering up. This is a key benefit for users of this Dual Wall Charger.


There is nothing worse than a charger that isn't consistent. This will never be a problem with a wall charger such as this because it has been tested for efficiency and can handle the demands one's batteries will put on it on a day-to-day basis.

The results are consistent, and it can charge batteries with ease.

This is a simple addition to one's life and is going to keep those batteries working as well as they need to at all times. It is a simple option that is going to keep things safe and will work based on one's requirements.


A wall dual charger that is unsafe will never be a good option, and this manufacturer has spent time focusing on what works and what does not. This will ensure that the charger does its job in the background and doesn't end up causing safety issues that are troublesome.

This is an accredited option that has been put through various tests to make sure it can sustain quality and remain safe at all times.

If the goal is to find a charger that works well and stays safe, this Dual Wall Charger has to be at the top of the list.

Whether a person is getting batteries for their self-defense flashlight or the covert stun gun flashlight, this is going to be a necessary purchase to make sure those batteries are kept charged at all times. Why go with a solution that isn't going to help those batteries remain at 100%?

This is an ideal fit based on what those batteries require and will be optimized to make sure they're charged as soon as the user wants them to be. It's a quick-acting solution that works like a charm at all times.

The Dual Wall Charger for the 18650 Lithium Battery will charge the batteries that come with the ST-SDFLASH (Self Defense Flashlight) and the SM-FL-C (Covert Stun Gun Flashlight).

Batteries NOT Included.

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