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Dr Pepper Diversion Safe

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The Dr Pepper Diversion Safe is the best place to hide anything in plain sight.

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Dr Pepper Diversion Safe against Burglars and Thieves

The Dr Pepper Diversion Safe is a fake safe masquerading as a Dr. Pepper cola can. Alright, but what does that actually mean? We all know what a Dr. Pepper cola can is, but what is a diversion safe?

A diversion or fake safe is a type of safe that looks like a common item but protects a person's valuables as a traditional safe does. It does not have a combination lock but it is far more reliable than traditional safes as thieves are less likely to search for this type of safe. Oddly enough, keeping valuables protected in plain sight is far more effective than under lock and key.

Okay, so we know what a diversion safe is but what about a Dr Pepper Diversion Safe?

This Dr Pepper can safe is merely a diversion safe masquerading as a can of Dr. Pepper cola. It is a hollowed-out item in the shape of a can presenting with a screw-top or -bottom to hold the items in place. Thinking as a thief, which we hope you are not, it is highly unlikely that you would ever consider searching a random can lying about when searching for valuables in a home. Furthermore, this diversion safe is highly inexpensive, making it ideal for people on limited budgets.

 Interior Safe Dimensions: 1 x 3 7/8

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