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Covert Stun Master® Stun Gun Flashlight

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The Covert Stun Master Stun Gun Flashlight is a great addition to your arsenal for self defense.

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Covert Stun Master® Stun Gun Flashlight vs. Hoodlums

If you're in the market for a stun gadget that doubles as a flashlight, this is it. The Covert Stun Master® Stun Gun Flashlight is the perfect match. It is full of great features that make it a must-have on your list of self-defense weapons.

The probes are covertly hidden to ensure that the casual look will make it appear as an ordinary flashlight. However, given the opportunity, this flashlight will do more than light the way. It will also pump 9 million volts into any would-be assailant.

The manufacturer, Stun Master, has thought of everything. This electric gun is easily recharged in any wall outlet or cigarette lighter adapter. It also boasts a wrist strap with a rubber coating so that you can easily hold on to it.

It is a reasonably priced stun tool that will keep all types of hoodlums at bay. You'll want one for your camping gear, every vehicle, and your household tools. Keep them handy so that they're there when you need one.

This is ideal for beginners or professional doomsday preppers. It is a great alternative to the higher-priced models that are utilized by professionals. The covert design ensures that it is easy to pass off as an everyday flashlight. Only you knows what it is truly capable of.

Imagine a would-be aggressor thinking that you're only carrying a flashlight. They'll be shocked, literally, when you deploy the charge on their body. They'll quickly regret their decision to assault you.

The Covert Stun Master® Stun Gun Flashlight is perfect for all ages. Anybody can learn to protect themselves with it. Always practice in the air a few times to get the feel of the flashlight and to fully understand how to deploy the electrical charge.

The Stun Master Flashlight & Covert Stun Gadget

This flashlight will not only light the way, it will also help to protect you from harm. Stun device flashlights work very well as flashlights and very well as stun devices, too. This one is incredible as a stock flashlight where or if you need one.

When the light on hand is hazy, you can then utilize it for better illumination. Furthermore, it can assist you in discouraging the hoodlum by clouding their vision. What would then be the right time for you to electrically shock that hoodlum?

As for its voltage of 9 million, that is tempered by current of 4.7 milliamps depending on the charge of the batteries. These 4.7 mA of electricity signify that it is genuinely a non-lethal stun tool. It can’t ever injure or otherwise slay.

Don't be a victim and don't allow your family to be victims. This shock gun can dissuade the aggressor by shocking them electrically for 5 to 45 minutes. That will be the period for you to flee and then get to safety.

After that period, the aggressor will be able to stand again and chase after you. So, don’t be anywhere near them by then. Or, before that happens, you should have been able to get them arrested and detained.

It has measurements of 7" x 1 ½". Its fast and speedy shipping ensures that you'll have your stun weapon flashlight in three to five days conditional on where you reside in the United States. We at Self Defense Products Florida will move the item to you in perfect condition.

This stunner is easy to store in a purse, pocket, glove box, boat, camping gear, desk drawer, and more. It is reasonably priced, readily available on our site, and easy to use. Don't be caught off-guard. Your protection is important.

Today, more than ever before, people are flocking to the Website in an effort to protect themselves from would-be assaulters, and with good reason. More people are becoming desperate and assaulting others for what they have.

Everyone should have some form of personal protection, and the Covert Stun Master® Stun Gun Flashlights is the ideal choice. It is affordable, and you'll learn to use it quickly without effort. It will seem normal to carry once you get the hang of it.

Perfect for every age, it is legal to own. If someone in your family works an odd shift, nights, or early morning hours, they should have one of these on hand as they walk to and from their vehicle.

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