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Cherry 7UP Diversion Safe

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The Cherry 7UP Diversion Safe is the best place to hide anything in plain sight.

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Simple Guide To The Cherry 7UP Diversion Safe

A safe is an important item for, let's face it, all residential properties. This is due to the fact that no valuable items are safe in today's dangerous society. Property crime is on the rise and the possibility of valuables being stolen is highly likely, whether it is by a common thief searching for money or a known individual trying to find important documents. The traditional safe is rather large and clunky despite being very beneficial with the combination locks. Unfortunately, all individuals are aware of this types of safes and will search for it immediately. To fool the thief, it is recommended you use a fake safe like the Cherry 7UP Diversion Safe.

What is a diversion safe? It is a type of safe masquerading as a common household object. It is, typically, hollowed out to hide the valuables inside. One very popular example is the cola can diversion safes; however, there are numerous other diversion safes, too.

The Cherry 7UP Diversion Safe is a type of cola can safe. It appears to be a Cherry 7UP cola can but in reality it is, in fact, a hollowed-out can with a screw-top lid. This is a useful item for storing valuable pieces or documents, and it is inexpensive for people with a budget restriant.

 Interior Safe Dimensions: 1 x 3 7/8

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