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Cell Phone Stun Gun 12 Million volts

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The Stun Gun that no one will see coming! Easily conceal 12 million volts of stopping power within a phone that looks exactly like the top brands! 

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Cell Phone Stun Gun 12 Million Volts against Savagery

Safety and security are top priority for many people out there today. Protecting yourself from any form of danger is an instinct that comes naturally. Normally, who in their right mind would willingly put themselves in danger. One device that you could count on to aid you against all sorts of savagery is the Cell Phone Stun Gun 12 Million Volts.

Protecting yourself is an easy task if you have the right skills and tools. Self-defense is one of the major life skills taught in modern learning institutions. Both children and adults are enlightened on the need to safeguard themselves from any form of harm.

Self-defense empowers people to stand up for themselves in a world where survival can be challenging. Once the time comes when you will need to protect yourself from aggressive people or situation, it is important that you be well prepared and equipped to defend yourself in any way possible.

There are quite a number of self-defense tools and accessories that you can readily find in the market nowadays. Some of the best and most convenient personal protection tools are stun gadgets. These are portable electrical devices that are used to deliver high-voltage shocks that can stop an attacker from harming you.

The 12 Million Volt Cell Phone Stunning Tool

Touching an attacker with a stunning device immediately incapacitates and immobilizes them. That giving you a chance to flee or apprehend them. The high-voltage electric shock from such an electric gun temporarily disrupts muscle functions in the body and also inflicts a certain amount of pain without causing any serious injuries to the victim.

The body’s nervous systems allows for the electrical shock to run all through the entire body, meaning that nobody can resist this form of self-defense. Getting a stunning tool can go a long way in ensuring your safety and security at all times.

However, it is important to be very smart about how you go about protecting yourself. Getting a conventional stun device, which has some openly protruding prongs, is not a bad idea but everyone, including your attackers, will know that you are carrying around a stun device.

The most important part of security is being discreet. If you are not discreet about your self-defense tactics and plans, your attackers will come up with ways to quickly disarm you and do the worst.

This is where the need to get a disguised or camouflaged self-defense tool comes in. A stun weapon disguised as a cell phone can be the perfect personal protection gadget that can be very resourceful in times of distress.

The Cell Phone Stun Gun 12 Million Volts is a device that appears to be a normal smartphone but, in the real sense, it is a stun device that can deliver 12 million volts within seconds. Now, how cool is that?

A Stun Gadget Disguised as a Cell Phone

Everybody out there these days is walking around with a smartphone of some kind. There is nothing weird or wrong with carrying or walking around with a smartphone in this time and age. This makes it the perfect item to convert into a stun tool.

No one will see your stun weapon cell phone coming. You will have the total advantage of surprise. You will essentially surprise many when you shock someone with a smartphone. The gadget is easy to use and does not require you to have any form of technical experience or training.

It is definitely realistic enough to fool anyone. This camouflaged stun gadget puts 4.9 milliamps of electrical current in the palm of your hand. Many people have been looking for a stun device that they could easily conceal and carry around without anybody noticing. Well, this is it!

This means that no one will be alerted or provoked when you pull out the Cell Phone Stun Gun 12 Million Volts during a dangerous situation. The weapon also features an 80 lumen LED flashlight that can come in handy during dark and desperate situations.

This stun gadget is extremely portable, measuring 5.5" x 2.75" with a thickness of just a half of an inch. Only with close inspection can you tell the true purpose of this smartphone-like device. This self-defense tool comes with a protective carrying case and a wall charger, too.

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