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Bug Detector with Strength Meter

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The Bug Detector with Strength Meter is high quality, hand held, and great for detecting wireless audio/video products.

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Hidden Camera and Microphone Bug Detector With Strength Meter

Many people know that while going through their day, they are being watched and listened to. Those watching you may be a government agency or private sources that are interested in what you’re doing. You may be watched when in a comfort room, shopping center, or even your own home. You’d probably like to know when and where it happens. That’s why you need a Bug Detector With Strength Meter. It will flash out when there is a hidden camera or microphone in your vicinity, so you’re aware of when someone is watching you.

These high-quality bug detectors are the latest tool in this industry and are based on the latest technology and research. They can locate any kind of audio or video wireless product nearby. This includes any device that may be filming or recording you. There is a built-in signal strength meter so you can determine how close the bug is. This bug sensor comes with a sensitivity controller, which allows you to adjust the strength meter based on your person requirements.

This detector has a full detection range of 1 MHz to 3 GHz. This invaluable and handy tool is used mainly to locate or detect bugs, but you’ll need to carry it around with you in order for it to work. If you believe you are being watched in various locations, then you may need to carry it all the time.

The bug detector operates on 5 x AA 600mAH NiCD batteries pack. The battery will last 8 hours when in use and 500 hours on standby. The unit has a silent alert mode. There is also a beeper in the sensor.

Now that you know what the Bug Detector With Strength Meter can do for you, why don’t you go out and get one for yourself? If will give you peace of mind knowing exactly when others are watching you.

 Specifications: Frequency Range = 1 MHz to 3 GHz, Battery = 5 x AA 600 M/AH NiCd, Battery Life = 6 Hours in use/500  stand-by, Ant. Impedance = 50 Ohms, Real Frequency Display= 30 Hr., Time Lapse Frequency Display= 960 Hour., Silent Alert Mode = No, Beeper = Yes, Low Battery Indicator = No, Barograph= Ultra Sensitive 5 Sections,

Dimensions = 3.9" x 2.75" x 1.2"

Includes: Bug detector, Antenna, and Charger

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