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Bicycle Micro Lights

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These Bicycle Micro Lights are a safe and convenient way to illuminate your bike.

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Bicycle Micro Lights With 100,000 Hours Of Use

To elude a collision with a motor vehicle when taking your bicycle on the road, safety lights are the first thing to think about. You could quite literally save your life, thanks to these Bicycle Micro Lights.

You are putting yourself in much more danger if you do not have lights on your bike that make both you and your mode of transport more visible to others. One single light is not adequate. Neither can you place your trust on one light at the front and back of your bicycle.

What you necessitate are lights on every side of your bicycle. Once you are out riding on the motorways, you will encounter drivers with various sizes and shapes of vehicles, as well as varying speeds and levels of awareness.

This combination, along with the dark of night, puts the cyclist in potential hazard, as well as posing a threat to drivers of passing vehicles, passengers in the cars, plus people simply passing by.

The reason for this potential hazard is that vehicle and bicycle accidents can render a domino of events; in effect, a string of accidents that affect more than just one car and one bicycle. Thus, bicycle lights on the front plus back are the absolute minimum. It is much better to have lights on all sides of your bicycle so that you can be viewed from any direction.

That is the purpose of tiny LED bicycle lights for protection. The rubber-strapped accessories with elementary batteries, along with the LED visibility supplied, grants visibility from all sides, as well as varied installations depending on the bike size.

An argument exists that these Bicycle Micro Lights are perhaps the best bicycle safety lights that you can get your hands on. As well as being inexpensive, they are long-lasting, furnishing until 100,000 hours of usage.

The simple design of the lights (curved inner surface with rubber strap) signifies that you can attach it straightforwardly to your handlebars (granting visibility from the front), your seat (granting visibility from the back), plus the bike frame itself (granting visibility from both left and right).

The price is affordable, which implies that you don't have to break the bank to potentially evade a nasty collision on the motorway. It is similarly possible to switch the bike safety reflector lights between two modes: steady light plus flashing light.

The flashing light mode makes you more noticeable. However, it may affect your vision. This mode is best for the side plus rear lights. The steady light mode is a little less noticeable and allows you better vision of the road ahead, too.

In a few words, the steady mode is the best option for your front lights. You can switch between the modes by simply pressing a button, permitting you to shift from one mode to another within a moment.

This means that you can employ the lights to make other drivers aware of your movements. By your utilizing them as signals, drivers are in a better position to avoid you.

These Bicycle Micro Lights operate on 2 CR2032 lithium batteries, which are incorporated when you make the purchase.

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