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Bicycle Headlight

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The Bicycle Headlight includes an easy to use handlebar mounting bracket that allows for convenient quick release when not in use.

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Slip-, Water-, Shock-Resistant Bicycle Headlight Using LEDs

A large chunk of the road accidents occurring between cyclists and motor vehicle drivers are due to a simple problem: many motor vehicle drivers do not see cyclists on the road at night. By means of this Bicycle Headlight, you can add LED lights to the front or back of your bike.

A cyclist is smaller than a motor vehicle. This fact, coupled with the dark of night, can make the cyclist nearly invisible. That simple problem can be minimized when a headlight mounting bracket is employed.

This bike headlight makes sure that people behind you are aware of where you are; hence, they won't accelerate and collide with you. It further lets people in front of you know that you are behind them.

Utilizing bicycle safety lights sanction cars to slow down when coming to an intersection. Since they will perceive the light while still a distance from you, they are less likely to carry speed as they approach you, hence, reducing the risk of a collision.

Since this headlight applies LED technology, it has low energy use while still producing a vivid light. It means you don't have to pay a fortune for battery replacements to make certain that people spot you on the motorway.

The batteries being employed are common AAA batteries, and the replacement process is uncomplicated.

Since AAA batteries are cheap, that makes the overall cost of this Bicycle Headlight cheaper than a product that runs on D or C batteries, yet since the LED lights apply low amounts of energy, they will last just as long.

In general, bike headlight recommendations say you should have a minimum of one headlight at the front or rear of your bicycle. This mount has a 360-degree rotation swivel; hence, it can be used at both sides. That permits you to employ the light for the direction you desire.

Since the headlight is trouble-free to affix and remove, you can place it easily wherever is convenient on your bicycle. You have the option to place it on the handlebars, the main holding bars, the back of your bicycle, and so on.

Being slip-resistant, it slipping off during snow or rain won't be an issue. In addition, it is water-resistant so the electrical wiring won't be affected by the weather, allowing you to relish riding even if the weather outdoors isn't the greatest.

Since it is shock-resistant, you likewise don't require to be too concerned about bumps on the road, braking, or bumping into the road side. Even if you hit the parking mount lightly, you're not going to have a case of 'lights out'.

You can moreover apply this as a regular flashlight. That makes it an option at home or as a self-defense tool - flashing the LED light at an intruder will blind them temporarily, furnishing you with time to run to safety plus alert the police.

In a few words, this Bicycle Headlight can also have a self-defense application, as well as being a method to cycle safely at nighttime. In addition, it is vital to make sure drivers distinguish you in the shadows, especially while cycling in settings of poor visibility.

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