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Alarm Clock HD Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR

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No one will ever be able to tell this alarm clock conceals a HD hidden color camera and mini DVR to record what the camera sees.

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Alarm Clock Hidden Camera With Built-In DVR

This Alarm Clock Hidden Camera With Built-In DVR is cleverly designed to look like an average, everyday Sony alarm clock. Disguised inside, however, is a top-quality security camera that actually films what is going on in your bedroom when you’re not there. Every household should have some form of security, whether it's that the occupants are home or that there is a camera hidden somewhere in the home that can film what is going on when the owners aren't home.

When considering surveillance, it's important to remember that the most effective types of surveillance are those that are hidden in plain sight. Cameras that are within common items in your home are ideal. They appear to be an average everyday item but, in reality, they are hidden cameras.

Such cameras offer the owners a true picture of what is going on when the owners aren't home. It's an ideal way for parents to know what is going on while they are out and the babysitter is in. It's ideal for keeping an eye on the teens as well. It's a retrospective way to keep an eye on things without being too obvious.

Hiding a camera in the bedroom, however, may be a bit more challenging. That's when the alarm clock surveillance camera comes into play. It's easy to disguise this camera and find out what is really going on in the bedroom when the owners are out. The built-in DVR makes it even better.

Detailed Look at the Alarm Clock Surveillance Camera

Easy to use as an alarm clock and featuring a volume control as well as a sleep button, it also lets you adjust the vivid alarm indicator and LED display. With its fully functional FM/AM radio, you'll be able to disguise this camera well.

Designed to appear as just an alarm clock, this hidden camera system works ideally and discreetly. You'll have the best of both worlds in an alarm clock and in a hidden camera. It's easy to keep the fact hidden that it's actually a camera.

Recording Features of the Spy Camera

This system offers the following features:

Power cord to supply power to the alarm clock and the DVR as well as the camera.

Top-notch camera with clear recording video. Camera records at 1960 X 1080p HD videos. It offers 30 frames per second. High-quality images playback so that you can see what is going on.

Other important features are that it has a motion sensor that will activate the camera. With a high probability of hours of uneventful scenes, the motion sensor makes sure that what you see is what was going on and that you're not spending hours of wasted time recording. This way, your valuable storage space gets what you want and not hours of nothing.

A 3.7 millimeter wide-angled lens. This allows the camera to capture a wide-angled view of the room.

Date and time stamp are recorded right into the files so that you don't have to wonder when it happened. The MPEG4 file format keeps track and a remote control operates it all.

In addition to the grid supply of electricity, the clock also has a full-powered backup battery to operate the DVR as well as the camera for up to 2 solid hours. This is vital in the event of a power outage.

The DVR uses the NTSC/PAL system. A free 16GB memory card is also included and can record up to 5 hours of continuous motion. The memory can be expanded to 32GB.

An RCA cable connects it all to your television or your computer so that you can see it all and control the alarm clock hidden cameras DVR system.

Clearly, this Alarm Clock Hidden Camera With Built-In DVR is created and designed to exceed your expectations for a hidden alarm clock camera. With video recording features that are up-to-date and up-to-the-task, you're sure to get what you need when you need it. This security camera with a DVR outperforms other systems and negates any chance of the "what-if's" and question of what was or is going on when you're out of the house. You'll appreciate the ease of how this system is set up and how easy it is to operate from your own computer system.

 DVR Features Include: Motion activated, Time and date stamp, Remote Control operation, MPEG4 file format, Composite video out, 1960x1080p resolution.

DVR Specifications: System: NTSC/PAL, Storage Media: DVR, Frame Rate: 30 fps at 1960x1080P , Color Camera Specs, Image Sensor: 1/3" 2.0 megapixel cmos, Min. Illumination: 1.0 Lux, Lens: 3.7mm 65 degrees.

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