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AC Charger Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR

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In this age of electronics, everyone has a variety of adaptors and chargers plugged into nearly every electrical outlet.

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AC Charger Hidden Spy Camera With Built In DVR

If you would like to have a closer watch on your business or your home, there are a number of different surveillance options to choose from. To film your property discreetly, the AC Charger Hidden Spy Camera With Built In DVR provides you with practically no hassles whatsoever.

Why Is Surveillance Using a Spy Camera Important?

Both in the workplace and at home, security is always an important concern. Surveillance has been a critical component of a majority of good security systems for quite some time. It may have both a punitive and deterrent effect. Surveillance equipment that is very obvious will announce that it is present and helps to discourage certain crimes. However, you may end up being more concerned about subtle threats to security. Discreet surveillance is the perfect way of monitoring residential workers, employees, and others you may have doubts about.

Flexible Options for Modern Security Cameras

These days, high-quality security cameras are both inexpensive and small. You can mount them practically anywhere. It is easier than ever to record what the cameras see and transmit due to high-density forms of digital storage media (such as DVRs and SD cards) as well as wireless communications. Getting a comprehensive surveillance system set up doesn't require complex wiring to be installed or having to buy expensive, specialized equipment. Your office or home computer can easily be turned into a strong security network hub with only a couple of quality cameras used.

There are various reasons you may want your property filmed discreetly with cameras that are hard to detect, like the AC charger spy camera and built-in DVR. Monitoring the behavior of nannies, maids, and other workers inside your home, protecting your business against internal theft, and watching your children are only a couple of examples. This security camera is hard to spot and reliable, with it being easily connected to a computer for viewing and downloading footage and its remote control operation.

How the hidden camera is placed will greatly depend on the areas or items you are interested in filming the most. It is a very flexible option since it may be mounted to any wall outlet. That will usually provide you with a good view of a whole room as long as you make sure that there is a clear line of sight for the outlet.

The Way This AC Charger Hidden Camera with DVR Works

The hidden camera built inside the AC charge is a great surveillance tool. A 1280 x 720 high-definition video camera is incorporated in addition to a micro-SD card providing 16GB worth of DVR storage space. Typically, this is enough for recording at least 5 hours worth of surveillance footage.

A built-in infrared (IR) comes with it, so there are 12 feet of night vision to ensure that great video can be captured even when conditions are adverse. It comes with motion detection, which means you only record whenever there is action. Otherwise, this spy camera and DVR are on standby. A user manual and USB cable come with the covert camera. It works with Mac OS and Windows, and its dimensions are 3" x 2" x 1".

AC Charger Camera Provides Discreet Surveillance

Although the spy camera market offers various choices, the design of the AC charger provides you with some unique advantages that can be difficult to beat. With device chargers being practically omnipresent in today's modern world, it is quite likely for a charger camera to be overlooked even by people who are extremely suspicious.

Getting this portable camera installed and removed are both easy. It is mounted onto a wall socket, so you won't have to power the camera up using a battery. The USB connection allowing your camera to link with your computer will even be able to pass without causing suspicion due to the ordinary charger design.

If you own a business or a home, you can't afford to ignore security. There are a number of different ways of protecting your loved ones and your possessions, which include surveillance systems. If you would like to have a security camera that delivers discreet and effective surveillance without attracting a lot of attention, then the AC Charger Hidden Spy Camera With Built In DVR will provide you with exactly that.

 Features: 1280 x 720 video resolution, motion detection, night vision 12 feet distance, 16GB memory, works with Windows and Mac OS. 

Includes: HD Adaptor Camera, USB cable, user manual.

Dimensions: 3”× 2⅝” × 1⅞”

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