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A&W Rootbeer Diversion Safe

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The A&W Root beer Diversion Safe the best place to hide anything is in plain sight.

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What Is The A&W Rootbeer Diversion Safe?

What Is a Diversion Safe?

Before we can discuss this A&W Rootbeer Diversion Safe, it is important to know what a diversion safe actually is. A diversion safe, also known as a fake safe, is an item that appears to be a common household item; however, it is, in reality, a very effective safe. Yes, it's true, something as simple as a thermometer could be a safe holding highly important documents with valuables.

The fake or diversion safe was first used in World War I as a method of hiding strategic plans. During this time, the soldiers would use rifle ammunition to pass the plans from one to another by hollowing out the ammunition and placing the documents inside. Nowadays, the safes are more contemporary and less obvious - really, who keeps ammunition lying about?

What Is the A&W Rootbeer Diversion Safe?

The A&W Rootbeer Diversion Safe is a fake safe presented as an A&W Rootbeer cola can. It is highly unlikely that any burglar or thief entering the home will pay attention to a can of root beer. This safe looks like a cola can with a hollowed out center and a screw-on lid appearing to be the can's top. It does not hold much, but it can hold valuable items in an effective way.

 Interior Safe Dimensions: 1 x 3 7/8

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