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72 Inch Blowgun

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The 72 Inch Blowgun is .40 caliber, precision manufactured with seamless T-6061 aircraft aluminum tubing and guaranteed for life.

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72 Inch Blowgun, 250+ Feet, Made In USA

If you are in search of a form of a projectile to employ over and above a dart, you should be aware that there is another way to shoot your paintballs with the use of a blowgun. The 72 Inch Blowgun is an all-around device that is extremely useful for recreational purposes.

Whether you are a beginner or a person who has applied blow tubes for a number of years, target shooting using one can be a very relaxing experience. There is a lot of satisfaction in hitting targets and learning to set them off from farther away each time.

The supreme method in which to do this is have a load of darts so you can elude having to make countless trips to pull the darts out.

If this happens to be the very first time you are using a blow gun, be aware that these simple activities can take up hours of time without you noticing it, particularly when you start to get used to launching from longer distances.

Once you have become comfortable with the basics, you may want to move onto shooting your paintballs at targets that move.

This is very possible if you can get together a group of buddies into a backyard where everyone is able to move around freely and, of course, the blow tubes which you can convert into paintball guns.

Nevertheless, know that even though these blow guns are fantastic as recreational tools or toys, they moreover serve the purpose of silent weapons.

The virtually indestructible and seamless construction of the 72 Inch Blowgun manufactured in the U.S.A. is one of the signs pointing to a weapon with lethal capabilities. This is created for .40 caliber ammunition that includes paintballs plus darts.

The body of the blow tube has been constructed out of T-6061 aircraft aluminum tubing. If handled with care, it could be passed down from one generation to the next.

The design associated with this model provides a way to set projectiles off such as paintballs or darts at 350 feet per second (fps). It offers increased accuracy as well as the ability to shoot from a span of 250 feet.

With the usage of a regular dart, you ought to have no issues penetrating ¼ inch of standard plywood. This type of weapon may be the ultimate when it comes to target shooting.

These blow guns can be separated into parts for an easy mode of transport, but if hits upon you that the 72-inch length is too long, you can opt from some of the shorter models, which are 60", 42", 36”, 24", plus 18".

Each of these blow tubes is all made out of the very same aircraft aluminum material along with the .40 caliber design, which can be converted into a paintball blowgun.

If you are already familiar with the basics when it comes to shooting with the 72 Inch Blowgun, mastering the art is possible with a few practice sessions.

Unlike a real firearm, shooting with one of these blow guns will not scare off small game. You could decide to shoot darts to distract larger animals such as a bear or a wolf.

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