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1/2 oz Inert Stream

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The 1/2 Ounce Stream Water Based Inert Practice Defensive Spray uses water instead of pepper spray.

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½ oz. Inert Stream Pepper Spray for Training

If you're a beginner, the ½ oz. Inert Stream practice spray is a great choice for training. This coaching spray is inert, meaning it doesn't contain the chemical formula that makes defensive spray dangerous.

Without a doubt, defensive sprays are some of the best self-defense tools out there. These deal plenty of damage, they're non-lethal, and yet they can incapacitate just about anyone.

That said, pepper deterrent is still a dangerous weapon. Make sure you practice before you get into an emergency situation.

Whenever you get a new tool, you have to train with it in order to use it correctly. Otherwise, you could seriously hurt yourself. This is true of self-defense tools. The last time you want to be experimenting with pepper deterrent is when your life depends on it.

The ½ oz. Inert Stream training spray simply lacks oleoresin capsicum. The can is instead filled with water, allowing you to practice at your leisure. And of course, the can is designed to shoot the water exactly as it would shoot deterrent spray.

That allows you to practice aiming, and what angles you can accurately and successfully spray from. Practice drawing the deterrent spray. It may not be a gun, but it's still a projectile weapon. You have to be able to draw and use it in a moment's notice, so quick that it's reflex.

Don't just practice drawing it. Practice drawing and firing. Try firing at several targets. Make sure that you can hit what you need to hit no matter where it is.

Defense repellents can spray as a stream or as a fogger. You'll need to practice with both to get a sense of what works best for you.

The Inert Stream ½ ounce Training Spray

Stream sprays jet in a stream, shooting like a water gun. But like a water gun, you have to be able to aim. Streams are also liquid. Some defensive sprays are made gritty and sticky, but liquids can be wiped off.

Fogger sprays can hit a wider area. Beginners will find it much easier to hit a target. Unfortunately, a strong wind can render them useless. Or even worse, these could cause you to spray yourself.

This inert spray product offers two different models. The yellow label ½ oz. Stream Water-Based Inert Practice Defensive Spray fires a stream whereas the red label fires as a fog. Try both, and see what works best for you. You may find that one or the other best suits your needs.

Test the pros and cons of each. If you simply can't trust yourself to aim well during an emergency situation, it may be better to get a fogger. However, if you're worried about being in a windy area, a stream may be better.

While it won't cause any long-term damage, you should avoid shooting yourself or others with the practice spray. The nitrogen that's used to pressurize the contents has been known to irritate the eyes and skin.

Defensive sprays are simple tools for self-defense, but that doesn't mean they're easy. You have to worry about timing and aim, and how to get the most use out of the split-second you have to act. The last thing you want is to be caught unprepared.

Thanks to this ½ oz. Inert Stream practice spray, you can ensure that you can draw and fire on complete instinct. Remember, rookies practice until they get it right, but masters practice until they can't get it wrong.

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