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Self Defense Products Florida

Quicker take down than a .357.
NEW Taser Bolt, Pulse, X-26P and X2
Solar Oven
Cook with the Sun. Built to be highly portable, it folds into a bag to carry and store your cookware.
Trigger Stun Gun
Rechargeable 18 million volts stun gun. Has a bright LED flashlight and disabling pin. LIFETIME WARRANTY

We are committed to giving you the lowest prices, great products and the best service! We've been selling self defense, survival, hidden camera products for over 10 years. We must be doing something right!

These products are heavily discounted so you don't need to waste time shopping around. There are many non-lethal self defense devices to choose from. Buy from us worry free with our 90 Day "try it out period." Products are fully tested before they are sent to you.

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